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From the consultation through the final divorce decree, Emily was a delight to work with under this stressful situation. She answered all my questions, returned phone calls and e-mails promptly, and gave me excellent advice.
Peter, Client
While leaving a dangerously abusive marriage, I was obviously very emotional. Emily was extremely compassionate and helped me get the best situation, even when I was too upset to understand what that was until later.
I asked Emily a few questions on my issues and she was right to the point. She was prompt in responding to my email which by the way, I did not expect to hear back. Based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend Emily to everyone. Emily, Thank you very much…your advise is VERY helpful.
Sheilla, Client
Emily was very professional in the handling of my comlicated case involving my ex taking my 1 year old daughter abroad. She explained all options that were available on the different aspects of my case and kept me up to date on the case status. Unlike other attoneries that I hired in my initial divorce process, Emily truly listens…and all the options she recommended are for the best interest of my baby girl, which I really appreciated it. Divorce is sad, especially when there are children involved… I can’t emphasize how important it is to be able to communicate in a mature manner. I would highly recommend Emily for legal representation. Emily is the one you can rely upon and becomes friends with later.
John, Client
Emily Yu is the best Family Lawyer in Atlanta; I had a very complicated case that involved over-seas children custody. Emily has been very responsive to my emails and phone calls when I took trip over-seas. At that time I was not even her client, but she did not hesitate to give me the proper advice. I knew Emily through another person that went to the same FVIP class I went to, he told me that she is not just a good lawyer; she also has a good heart and very fair. He was very true. Emily is trustworthy, honest and very knowledgeable and she always kept me informed of what my best options were. My case with Emily has been finalized, but the last words she said to me” Good luck and please let me know how things go for you with you life”. Emily did a great job in my case, especially when I was lost, and needed help, she was accessible when I needed her advice. I think Emily is not just a good family lawyer, she is good and she actually cares for her clients especially when she sees that they are innocents. I would recommend Emily anyone that has a family issue and is seeking an experienced lawyer. Thank you Emily for assisting me and being there when I needed your help.
When you need an attorney, you are almost always going through a time of uncertainty. (Let’s face it: otherwise, you wouldn’t need an attorney). Emily called me back. Emily emailed me back every time I needed her. Additionally, she encouraged me to contact her on her vacation should I have something pressing…..WHAT??!?!?. It was my desire to handle my Divorce case with sensitivity and respect to my former spouse. Emily took this direction and pleasantly complied. I always felt it was MY CASE and Emily was working on my behalf. *(Not the other way around). She guided me on best practices when presenting explosive information to my former spouse. She helped me understand the “end” result and how we should position each element of the Divorce so that my children were the least impacted. Lastly, she was very fair and reasonable on billing. (Nice…..!!!). I would recommend Emily to anyone needing Divorce representation…
From the first moments of talking to Emily, you could tell that she wanted to help resolve the scenario I was thrust into as fairly as possible. The other side initially asked for the world on a platter, and while we could have fought back with a similar response- which would have definitely lead us to court, she took a level headed approach and subsequently saved lots of added expenses and stayed the voice of reason for both counsels. She was so meticulous that she often corrected not only spelling and grammatical errors on the opposite counsel’s documents, but checked them on requests that wouldn’t hold up in court- all without coming across as aggressive.
At times she stood firmly in some of her requests either to me or the other side, typically with warrant. Not once did she ever intimidate me, she always made me feel like we were working together and she particularly on my behalf towards a solution for my situation. I have interviewed a few other lawyers off here that had a bit more of an us vs. them approach and were a bit more hardened on an emotional level. Emily was just right- she knows the law very well, has a great team behind the scenes and works diligently to get what’s fair and will check you if you want to take something above that level. Some battles are worth fighting- others are not.
I feel like Emily is someone I can trust and I’d rather not see her again for the purposes that she serves, but I would certainly recommend her services to someone in a similar situation.
Emily is very personable and easy to talk with. She answers all my questions in detail with immediate response to emails. Her advise was very sincere, also straight forward which helped me to see my case more clearly.
I had the privilege to work with Emily recently. She is very knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with. She seemed to have my best interests and outcomes in mind and I appreciated that. I would certainly recommend Emily to anyone that needs good representation.
Emily helped me get through a very difficult divorce. It was quite a pleasure working with her and her team and the results were better than expected. I would definitely recommend Emily!
Jared, Client
Emily represented me in a child support modification and in a contempt case that I filed against my ex-husband. She found a way based on her research to address both these issues at the same time to save me time and personal resources. I found Emily to be very fair in the way she charged me for her services and extremely sympathetic to the way I was being personally affected by the issues at hand in my case. She listened to what my overall goals were and fought hard for me, achieving the best outcome possible for me personally. I never once felt like an item on her to-do list for the day. I would highly recommend Emily without hesitation.
Christine, Client
Emily Yu served as one of my divorce attorneys. She is very dedicated and committed, highly professional, responsive, listens to needs and concerns, and provided legal guidance to enable me to reach a fair settlement. Emily is well educated, very confident, very articulate, prepared, and patiently explained many of the legal procedures that were unfamiliar to me. She was strategic in working with opposing attorney, but very collaborative with her Partners/Peers in researching / validating the best legal advice and options for my case. Although Emily’s caseload continued to build during the time my case was in progress, each time we met she focused on the needs and priorities of my case, devoted the attention required, and was very ressponsive in all the follow-up actions noted. I would highly recommend Emily for anyone seeking a divorce / separation lawyer or related legal counsel.
Cindy, Client
Normally, Im not one to write and post reviews, But after seeking legal advice from Atty. Su-Hwa Yu, I felt compelled to leave this review because I was taken aside by her professionalism and personal interest in my case. Over the years, I have dealt with several attorneys, But none impressed me and left a mark like Emily has. From my first contact with her, she gave attention to my concerns and was always available to answer any questions I may have had. Her attention to detail and willingness to listen lets you know that she really is concerned with your issues and will work diligently with you to come up with the best options concerning your legal needs. So, If you are in need of legal advice and services, especially in the Atlanta-Metro area. You need look no farther than attorney Emily Su-Hwa Yu. Im sure you will be pleased and grateful for her help as I have been. Thank you Emily for your great legal advice…
Jay, Client
She was very honest with her opinions on the subject matter. Out of all the lawyers in this site she was the most responsive, it’s like she really cared about welfare of my questions. Mrs Yu. Was a professional from the very start she made it clear that she understood motives as a father who truly wants his daughter back in his life and what it steps that will have to be made to make that happen. Mrs Yu seems to be a great person and I would recommend her to anybody in the position I’m in, she will go above and beyond yo ensure her knowledge, resources and prior education in the legal field will get anybody the results they want.
Thank you very much!
Kai, Client
I worked with Emily during my recent divorce with a child custody arrangement and settlement agreement. She responded to my emails promptly and provided all options so I could be informed and choose accordingly. I always felt that she was looking out for my interests while being fair and reasonable about all options.
She was able to make multiple revisions to our settlement agreement quickly while still providing additional thoughts and consideration that ultimately made it a better agreement.
Emily was the consummate professional while also being very understanding about my family’s needs. A better example of what a lawyer SHOULD be, would be hard to find.
While I would never wish a divorce or child custody situation upon anyone, I would HIGHLY recommend Emily for both her prompt, thorough responses and her ability to listen and understand YOUR issues.
Shawn, Client
A very impressionable and top- notch attorney. As a former Dept. of Defense employee I have dealt with several major legal departments. It is extremely special to speak to someone who is genuine about there relationship with their client. Ms. Yu listened to my entire situation and was very clear and patient with her response. Although consultations are a part of business, I am still a person and Ms. Yu never forgot about that part of her service. Based on that one conversation I have already contacted three people about her services.
Emily gave me helpful information pertaining to my divorce. My divorce is complexed due to the parties’ being in two different states. She was very honest about what she could do and what would be in my best interest financially. Emily made her self available for a consultation over the phone immediately. She did not hesitate to provide me with knowledgable resources. Thank you so much!
Megan, Client

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